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It’s official — the first episode of Generation Cult has dropped. Below is a link to Ep. 1: The Real Guru on iTunes, but you can also find the show on Stitcher, SoundCloud and Google Play.

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Thank you to everyone who supported this project and helped get this podcast up and running. Episode 2: A Recovering Monk will be available July 5.


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Coming up on Episode 1 of Generation Cult

When Eva was a 1 year old in Texas, her mother met the guru. From then on out, until age 16, she would be removed from school each year to spend half the year at an ashram in India. There she received little education and inadequate medical care, suffering from a range of illness and a poorly treated broken arm.
Back in Texas, she would have to lie about about what they were doing in India. It was hard for a young child to keep all the lies straight. But why lie?
It’s a really convoluted logic,” she said. “If you tell the truth to someone, it creates bad karma for you because you have given them the opportunity to have bad thoughts and feelings about the guru, who is God. Hard for a little kid to grasp.”
She didn’t fit in in the US. She didn’t want to be in India. She just wanted to live in America and go to school. Her mom didn’t agree. When Eva was 15, her mom kept her in India and hid her passport so she couldn’t leave.
Now Eva is a family physician. How did she get to where she is today? What did she go through physically and emotionally? How did her upbringing affect her relationships with other people?
Find out on the inaugural episode of Generation Cult, releasing on iTunes, Stitcher and where ever else you get your podcasts June 20.
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The Music of Generation Cult

Check out this six-minute teaser on SoundCloud for the new podcast Generation Cult!

We’ve already had a lot of questions regarding the music we are using for the new podcast. We are featuring San Francisco Bay Area band The The Chaw and they’re really good! You can see them live locally or download their albums on iTunes.

Through SoundCloud (see above), we’re offering a track with quotes from upcoming episodes of Generation Cult set to a full song by The Chaw called “The Road.” Enjoy!


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New Podcast Releasing This Summer

Welcome to the site of Generation Cult, a podcast about adults who were raised as children in high demand groups (aka “cults”). We understand that the word “cult” is a controversial word but it is more widely recognized than other terms to describe groups of a religious nature (or otherwise) that may have a charismatic leader and encourage an intense devotion that takes over its members’ lives.

What you have to lose is a large factor in leaving a cult. You may leave behind your whole family, your savings, your livelihood and your entire community. The stakes can be even more dire for those born and raised in cults who try to leave. Many of these people, also known as Second Generation Adults (SGAs) might come from isolated communities where the cult and its ideology are all they know. They may have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse growing up and many leave without a traditional education. These factors put SGAs in vulnerable positions when they try to integrate into mainstream society and go about their lives.

So, what did some of these people go through? What were their most poignant struggles? How are they doing now? On Generation Cult, we sit down for in-depth conversations with SGAs for them to tell us their stories.

The podcast is set to release this summer. In the meantime, we’ll be featuring clips and photos from the show. Visit our Facebook page and give us a like!

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